2018   Feb 1-24   Solo exhibition at De Buck Gallery, New York

       鷲見康夫個展 デバック・ギャラリー、ニューヨーク

      -Yasuo Sumi - Works on Paper, 1955-2011-


2017   Oct, 7 to Oct, 29  Solo exhibition at Whitestone Gallery Taipei

       鷲見康夫個展 ホワイトストーンギャラリー、台北

      -GUTAI / Yasuo Sumi-



2016   Mar, 10 to Apr, 9  Solo exhibition at Whitestone Gallery Hong Kong

       鷲見康夫個展 ホワイトストーンギャラリー、香港

      -Yasuo Sumi : Autonomy through Mess-


2016   Feb, 18 to May, 16  Solo exhibition at ABC-ARTE Contemporary Art Gallery, Genova, Italy

       鷲見康夫個展 ABC-ARTE近代美術ギャラリー、ジェノヴァ、イタリア

      -Yasuo Sumi - Nothing But the Future-

Click on the image above for information about the exhibition catalog publication.


2015   Oct, 12  Our beloved Master Yasuo Sumi passed away at the age of 90.



2015   Oct, 3 to 31   Yasuo Sumi - Full Immersion Solo exhibition at Mazzacurati Fine Art, Ferrara, Italy.


2015   Sep, 12 to Oct, 25 2015 Jan, 28   Solo exhibition at Itami City Museum of Art, Japan.

-Enchanting Mess: Yasuo Sumi in the 1950s-



2014   Nov- 2015 Jan, 28   Group exhibition at WeGallery in Berlin, Germany.

-GUTAI- Scream of matter - Shozo Shimamoto, Yasuo Sumi -


2014   Oct- Dec 25   Solo exhibition and performance (Nov 5) at Karuizawa New Art Museum.

鷲見康夫氏(89)は、「六つの個展・具体人in Karuizawa」プロジェクトに招待され、11月5日にパフォーマンスを行いました。



2013   Nov   Solo exhibition at Whitestone Gallery, Tokyo.

2013   Jan-May   -GUTAI: SPLENDID PLAYGROUND- Gutai exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

2012     Sep-Oct  -GUTAI at 32 East 69th Street-  Gutai show at Hauser and Wirth, New York


2012    Jul-Sep -GUTAI/ The Spirit of an Era- Gutai show at the National Art Center of Tokyo in Roppongi.

2012   Jan-Feb  -Un art autre- exhibition at Christie's in Paris

2010   Oct   Invited to show his works at the Gutai Exhibition in Lugano, Switzerland. The exhibition was held at Museo Cantonale d'Arte from the 24th of October to the 20th of February 2011

2010   Mar   Solo exhibition at Spazio Arte dei Mori Gallery, Venice

2010   Feb   Solo exhibition at Gallery Shimanouchi, Osaka

2009  SUM  Solo exhibition at Spazio Arte dei Mori Gallery during Venice Biennale 2009, with catalogue publication. Click on here for the download of the catalogue in pdf format

2009   SPR   Solo exhibition at Lads Gallery, Osaka

2008   Dec   Two man exhibition along with Shozo Shimamoto at Magi900 Art Museum, Pieve di Cento, Bologna; with catalogue publication

2008   Nov   Performance at Magi900 Art Museum, Pieve di Cento, Bologna

2008   Nov   Shows his works at Padova Art Fair 2008